Mar 24 Letter from President

Dear MEA Members,

As we enter the middle of the second week, we want to check in with the membership. To say these are unprecedented times would be a major understatement.

Teachers are carers and givers. We are proud of the efforts of our members to keep the learning going. We are used to leaning on our colleagues and the camaraderie, and we are used to the controlled chaos we call our classrooms or spaces. We are missing all those things, and missing our students, the reasons we do what we do. And they, are missing us and each other. I sent a message to my students and their families today, and somehow got over 200 message notifications as they talked to me and each other!

The MEA is proud of how our membership has stepped up, without a moments notice to keep on doing what we have always done…teach. Thank you for giving your time to your students, many of you have had to be creative with the challenge of teaching your own children at the same time. Others are making sure your loved ones are safe and taken care of. Your efforts and dedication to the students of Marlborough have not gone unnoticed!

We want to make sure you are also taking care of yourselves. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, please access the resources sent out by the Superintendent earlier this week. The mental and physical health of our membership during this time is important during this uncertain time. Please reach out to Building Reps or the MEA Leadership if you need help. All questions or concerns will be addressed, as they always have with total confidentiality.

As of now, there is no news about if or how long schools will be closed beyond April 7 or other DESE/state requirements. As soon as we know, you will know. The MEA has been in constant communication with Superintendent Bergeron and Assistant Superintendent Murphy.

Stay safe and well. And continue to do so.

Rupal, Eileen and the MEA EBoard

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