MOU follow-up

Dear Members,
Many of you have been raising questions regarding the MOU that was sent out last night.  Brendan St. George, members of the Negotiations Team and myself are planning to have a Teams meeting to address questions brought up by the MOU.  Communication will be sent with the link once a day and time have been made.  You will be able to send in questions prior to the meeting.  More specific information will come in a future email.
The Negotiations Team did not bargain for the hybrid model.  This model was the decision of the School Committee.  In negotiations, we bargain for the contract language not the model that has been decided upon by the School Committee.  If there is a NO vote on the MOU by members, the Negotiations Team goes back to bargaining around the hybrid model.  Your concerns regarding this model need to be directed to the School Committee members.  MEA member are able to voice their concerns with this model through emailing the School Committee members.  Their emails are posted on the MPS website.  It is within your control to let them know your concerns and feelings.
This is an extremely emotional time for all of us.  Decisions are not coming fast enough and are ever changing.  Each and everyone of us are coming from a different perspective and point of view as to how things should progress.  We all have ourselves and family members to look out for in our lives.  There are many MEA members who have been working diligently throughout the summer working on plans to return to school in the safest possible way for staff and students.  Emotions are running high and it is asked that you be cognizant of what you are posting on Social Media.  Everyone does have their right to freedom of speech and this is not being said to infringe on that right.  However, MPS does have a Social Media Policy and MEA would like to avoid having a situation where we have to defend members if that policy is broken.  

Stay well and take care.

Eileen Barry


Marlborough Educators Association


Mayor Arthur Vigeant
   School Committee Chair
   Term Exp. 12/31/2021
(508) 460-3770
Michelle Bodin-Hettinger
   School Committee Vice Chair
   Term Exp. 12/31/2021
(508) 481-5722
Earl J. Geary
   Term Exp. 12/31/2021
(508) 641-2538
Katherine H. Hennessy
   Term Exp. 12/31/2023 303-0266
Heidi Matthews   School Committee Secretary   Term Exp. 12/31/
(508) 229-8029
Denise E. Ryan
   Term Exp. 12/31/2021
(508) 481-9779
Daniel Caruso   Term Exp. 12/31/ 485-1416
Dottie DavisStudent Representative

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